MS Quartet + Hilary Gardner

Hilary is a true “singer’s singer”, appearing in jazz venues and festivals all over the world, as well as on Broadway in the 2010 hit “Come Fly With Me”. Her clever musicial intrepetations and eceletic song choices have made her a favorite with jazz fans all over the country.

Together, her and Mike will traverse music from the Great American Songbook, hitting on each of their own personal favorites.

For more info about Hilary, check out

The band is:
Chris Ziemba- Piano
Dave Baron – Bass
Aaron Kimmel – Drums

NC Trad Jazz Fest!

I’m delighted to be a special guest with the newly formed Triangle Traditional Jazz Society on April 3rd and April 4th. I’ll be giving 2 concerts – 1 with the Second Line Stompers and the other with the Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble (a 2016 Essentially Ellington finalist). Both concerts will occur at The Glenwood Club in Raleigh, NC.

CarolBrass Endorsement!

I’m happy to announce that I’m now a performing artist for CarolBrass. This company makes excellent equipment, and I’m very happy to be playing the 5000L-YLT Bb trumpet.

Two things attracted me to this great company:

1. They play GREAT! And the sound? Forget about it! This is one of the best sounding horns I’ve ever played. I play lead and jazz, so I needed a horn that could do it all. The 5000L-YLT definitely fits the bill.

2. These horns can be bought for half the price of most other professional grade horns. Most professional horns simply cannot afford to drop $3,000 – $4,000 on a new horn while also supporting a family, paying a mortgage, etc.

If you’re looking for a new horn, check them out.

~ Mike

Image Exciting New Project! Jazz For All

This is a project that I’m VERY excited about. If you’re a band director that deals with low numbers in standard jazz band instruments, this project is of great use to you! Check out the press release below and donate what you can!

About This Project

Help us bring fresh, new, accessible Jazz music to ALL of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Band Programs.  You can help fund Jazz For ALL (Phase 1), a collaboration with NYC Jazz Trumpeter, Bandleader, Composer, and Arranger Mike Sailors and the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools. The band directors of WS/FCS would like to commission Mike to Compose and Arrange 10 New Jazz Band Charts. These Charts will be arranged for all skill levels with highly flexible instrumentation in order to engage more students in their schools Jazz Program.


Budget for Phase 1:
$3,500 commission fee ($350 fee x 10 charts)
+$475 in admin. fees

$3,975 Total


Phase 2 Goals:
When we complete Phase 1 we intend to persue the second phase of this project! WS/FCS has not held an All-County Honors Jazz Band Clinic in 13 years. We would like to raise the funds to bring Mike Sailors down from New York to work with the Honors Band to run the Clinic.  Students would get to meet and work with a great modern composer!